Restoring the Self - Anne Redmond,LCPC

                        Self Compassion

    The curious paradox is that when I accept myself      as I am, then I can change.
                                                                        Carl Rogers                                                                           

Giving ourselves loving kindness and understanding is rare. We take pride in being loving spouses, parents and friends, however often don't treat ourselves with the same loving patience and compassion we freely give to others.  

During life failures or disappointments, we have learned to almost immediately doubt or criticize ourselves.   We feel shame and embarrassment for our mistakes and tell ourselves that we should have known or done better.  

How and why did we learn to treat ourselves so harshly?  

I can help you learn about your own internal critic.  Self Compassion is the anecdote for self judgment and you can learn to understand and intercept your own cycle of criticism.  I can help you alleviate your own difficult emotions and soothe and offer kindness to yourself...the most important person in your life.