Restoring The Self - Anne Redmond,LCPC
Living and Coping with Serious Illness
Grief and Bereavement
Addiction Recovery
Trauma Resolution
When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.
                                                        Charles Beard
Learning that you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a chronic or serious illness can be shattering news.  Navigating medical treatments along with work and other demands can be paralyzing and overwhelming.  Although many emotional responses are normal, coping and living with the intense stress is difficult at best.  
Counseling can help the isolation and can help you regain a sense of inner connection and confidence when you need to rely on yourself the most.
I also accompany my clients during the grief journey that is inherent when someone you love dies.  It has been said that mourning can go on for years and ceases when the bereaved accepts that they can live their own lives again.    However, reaching this choice point takes time.  Grief counseling can help you learn how to tolerate and live with the hurt, guilt and pain of the loss of someone you love.
Working with recovering individuals who have stopped the abuse or physical dependency on  alcohol, drugs, food or other substances is deeply satisfying.  I have assisted many recovering addicts to explore the underlying reasons that caused their addictive behaviors.  In my collaborative usage of the 12-step programs, I am an ally to my clients who wish to recover their wholeness, and to restore their ability to live a life of authentic connection with self and others.
Finally, I am an experienced therapist working with issues of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.  Whether the abuse occurred in childhood or in an adult relationship, I can safely assist my clients to heal through the disabling pain of abuse.